Sunday, November 30, 2008

Youtube Live Canada!!! Petition

Heyy...I'm sure many of you watched Youtube live from San Fransisco, California. But what about Canada. This country get's left out. Youtube is just as big up here as it is anywhere else on this planet.

If you agree with me, go the the following URL and sign the petition.

Sorry Jessica!!

Sorry Jessica for stealing your i made this...

Youtube Video - Funny Backflip Gone Wrong

My friend that sit's right beside me in class did the funniest thing ever at the science center. All I can say is Backfilp Gone Wrong!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Youtube Vid - Travel in Canada Vlog #1: Travelling to the science center

Here it is...

High School - All Academic here I come!!

So after waiting a mere minute I finally receive my High school emendations form from my teacher and to my surprise...All academic. I was first in the class rubbing it in a little too much. So far joining me is Kiera, Summer, Dmytro, Jessica, far. Good roads ahead.