Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Report Cards !! Then the interview !!

Report Card's are the most important time of the year. You're probably thinking...why is that so. Well in Canada...this year Report Cards went home on December 2nd, 23 Days before Christmas. So in basic words...If first term sucks, your present sucks.

My report card however does NOT suck. I have received 10 A's which is pretty good. I don't know why my teacher would give me a 76% in Writing...for God sakes, I have a damn blog. I understand in French (You must take french in Canada) i could do better. So anyways I'm pretty simple and tomorrow is Parent/Teacher Interview night so I will try my hardest to squeeze my camera in there. Anyways it pays off because at parent/Teacher interview night, I have to sell T-shirts so I get free diner what the teachers eat.


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